My Tennis

I started playing tennis at 5 years of age. At the time, it was the only way that I would see my father, who to this date, remains a workaholic. He’s probably the more famous Alvin Crawford, but on the tennis court, I surpassed him in high school.

My tennis memories begin with my championship win at the 6 and under tournament in Wilmington, DE. I spent many years playing in Balboa Park in San Diego, with Ginny Glass and her sons as part of the ATA. Then, in middle school in the Junior Excellence program at Court Time in West Bloomfield, MI. High School in Cincinnati, included playing at Hyde Park Tennis Club, Queen City Racquet Club and the Old Indoor Club.

In college, I spent a couple of years practicing and playing some JV matches at Tufts. After graduation, I spent time with Jim Smith, Founder of Sportsmen’s Tennis Club and Jay Wilson, former owner of the Boston Lobsters. I was blessed to spend a year working at Sportsmen’s and watching how clay can be molded to create amazing young, courageous and driven youth who can not only play amazing tennis, but chart their own unique path for the future.

Now I spend my time between Gotham Racquet Club at Mill Pond in winter and Central Park Tennis during the outdoor season. My biggest victory is my youngest daughter playing with me every Sunday. My early influences were Arthur Ashe, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg.

I am now proud to serve on the Board of the New York Junior Tennis League (NYJTL)