Alvin H Crawford Jr

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Here, you can learn more about me and read some of my social media posts and musings about the things I love and care passionately about.

I’m an internet technology thought leader, innovator, rainmaker and strategist. I am a seasoned strategist for technology related endeavors, but more importantly a facilitator of growth and differentiation in areas of both change and impact. I care passionately about transformation. In our lifetime, there are clearly areas that have or will change how the world works. The internet was my first passion. I started my career in 1995, doing work on case studies in internet best practice working with then Fortune columnist Mary Ronin. I have since developed similar passions for education, professional development, equity and food insecurity.

Passionate education reformer and specialist in educational equity.

Expertise: Brand Management, Positioning, ROI based Marketing, Lead Generation, Corporate Partnerships, Competitive Analysis, Sales Development, New Business Development, Complex Selling, Business Opportunity Analysis, Product Development

I’m blessed to have some other Alvin Crawford’s in my life who have done amazing things. If you’re looking for my dad, Alvin Crawford, the famous pediatric orthopedic surgeon, click here, and for the extraordinary opera singer, Alvin Crawford, click here.